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S School
M Management
C Committee
Category Universities & Institutions 

The Full Form Of SMC Is School Management Committee

What Is SMC ? 

School Management Committee (SMC) is such a committee which works only for the school. Responsible members like teachers and parents are included in this committee. The most important work of this committee is to run the school well, as well as work like budget, resources and policies also come under this committee. School Management Committee helps in the development of the school.

Other Full Forms Of SMC

SMC Full Form Category
Smart Media Card Computing 
Sheet Molding Compound Plastics
Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes 
Stichting Mathematisch Centrum Universities 
Standard Motor Corporation Companies & Firms
Sierra Monitor Corporation Companies & Firms
Smooth Muscle Cell Medical 
Small, Medium, & Corporate 
Sliding Mode Control Academic & Science 
Stepper Motor Controller Electronics 

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SMC Full Form

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