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What Is The Full Form And Meaning Of MMC - RedLearn

M Multi
M Media
C Card
Category Computing

The Full Form Of MMC Is Multi Media Card

What Is MMC ?

Multi Media Card (MMC) is a type of portable memory card which is used for data storage. MMC card was invented jointly by Panasonic and SanDisk. It is a storage device in which data is stored. It is a solid-state storage device, it uses non-volatile memory, which means even when the power is turned off, the data inside it remains safe. The storage capacity of MMC cards varies. These cards are available in storage capacities ranging from 2MB to 512GB, these cards are used in many devices. 

Other Full Forms Of MMC

MMC Full Form Category
Microsoft Management Console Networking
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Companies & Firms
Metal Matrix Composite Military
Multimedia Memory Cards Hardware
Maximum Material Condition Military
Minimum Monthly Charge Telecom
Martin Marietta Corporation Governmental
Master of Mass Communications  Academic Degrees
Master Municipal Clerk Governmental
Methyl Mercury Chloride  Chemistry

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