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B Business
C Continuity
M Management
Category Business Management

The Full Form Of BCM Is Business Continuity Management

What Is BCM ?

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a process for maintaining the core business operations of an organization, Along with this, it also works to ensure continuity at the time of any disaster. In Which Strategies are prepared in many ways such as Contingency Plan, Disaster Recovery Plans and Risk Management strategies are included in this. BMC aims to minimize business disruptions, financial loss and connect organizations to each other in times of disaster.

Other Full Forms Of BCM

BCM Full Form Category
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Breckenridge Christian MinistriesReligion
Body Control Module Medical
Business Communication Module Software
Branch on Condition Maybe Computing
Birth Control Medication Medical
Brotherhood of the Crescent Moon Gaming
Boston Controls Managers Business
Basic Call Model Computing

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BCM Full Form

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