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What Is The Full Form And Meaning Of CDR - RedLearn

C Call 
D Detail
R Record
Category Communication

The Full Form Of CDR Is Call Detail Record

What Is CDR ?

Call Detail Record (CDR) is a record that holds detail information about a call or communication event. In this record, you can see all the details related to your calls. All the information like Call Duration, Incoming Call Record, Outgoing Call Record, Mobile Number, Location are present in the CDR.

Other Full Forms Of CDR

CDR Full Form Category
Carbon Dioxide Removal Environmental
Clinical Dementia Rating Medical
Compact Disk Recordable Computing
Commander Military & Defence
Critical Design Review Military & Defence
Compact Disc Recordable Computing
Crude Death Rate Medical
Crash Data Retrieval 
Centre for Dispute Resolution 
Non-Profit Organizations
Complementarity Determining RegionElectronics

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