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What Is The Full Form And Meaning Of RMC - RedLearn

R Ready
M Mix
C Concrete
Category Construction

The Full Form Of RMC Is Ready Mix Concrete

What Is RMC ?

Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is concrete already prepared for use at construction sites. This concrete is prepared in advance by using necessary equipments like cement, sand, water. It is directly used at the construction site after taking the RMC, Which saves a lot of time and does not require much effort.

Other Full Forms Of RMC

RMC Full Form Category
Royal Military College Military & Defence
Ready Mix Cement Business
Regular Military Compensation 
Military & Defence
Rocky Mountain Construction Construction
Royal Marines Commandos Military & Defence
Radiative Muon Capture Physics
Rigid Metal Conduit Architecture
Remote Method Call 
Registered Municipal Clerk Occupations & Positions
Rainbow Multi-Coating 

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RMC Full Form

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